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Here at Surventrix, we provide our clients with peace of mind that their data is easy to access and stored within robust cloud-based software. Within a visually engaging platform, we offer bespoke features for our customers, such as tailoring valuation templates and report auditing all for a reasonable pay-per-use pricing plan.

“The application of technology to the valuation and surveying industry mitigating risk as standard”

Since 2005, Surventrix has been engineering technology solutions and we are committed to their continual development, ensuring we are at the forefront of the latest in cutting edge design and smart solutions.

 “Excellence as standard through the application of cutting edge design and development in order to deliver responsive, robust and real-world solutions to the client base we serve”

By supplying a report management and mitigation tool, that is purposefully designed to streamline the valuation process, Surventrix is continuing to transform and develop our clients’ experience, whilst also redefine current market standards.

This open and accessible approach enables us to work closely with our clients, offering full support and developing a bespoke software solution, that shows every stage of the process until the completed report is delivered.

“Our technology solutions are flexible, affordable and designed to free time in your day not consume more”

Get in touch at support@surventrix.com to find out what we can offer your business.

Surventrix Systems offers a valuation management tool capable of connecting you to a fully managed valuation service or providing you the tools to manage this service yourself.

Built in this is the ability to;

  • Track the progress of your cases – from quote to completion
  • Instruct valuations of Residential, Commercial and Development types
  • Fully configurable reporting formats
  • Access any legacy reports for no storage fee
  • Monitor work allocation split and other key assignment metrics
  • No limitation on users/ associated organisation types

In addition to the above in a self managed service you can;

  • Configure your panel
  • Set limits and triggers for work allocation
  • Review all attributes of your panels business with maps and graphic aids
  • Track the progress of your cases – from quote to completion
  • Manage your PVQ’s to your panel
  • Review and stay up to date with accreditation and indemnity cover of your panel members

As a dynamic software company involved in the provision of solutions, we are continually developing new software for all our clients so do get in touch if you feel you have business problem preventing you from progressing as we most likely will be able to help.


We operate a simple and transparent costing model with no hidden surprises – get in touch to discuss more